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" We must build on the work that has been done with the support of Member States, the Youth Envoy and civil society. (But this cannot be an initiative by old people discussing the younger generation).

The United Nations must empower young people, increase their participation in society and their access to education, training and jobs "

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, 12 december 2016 


Dear Fellow Delegates and Distinguished Guests, 


On behalf of the Assas MUN Team, we are absolutely delighted to welcome you to our website!


It is our great pleasure to introduce you to a group of highly motivated and ambitious students at Panthéon Assas Paris II University with immeasurable passion for MUN. Not only are we dedicated to training our fellow delegates to demonstrate successful leadership by participating in various Model United Nations competitions across the globe, we aim to devise practical solutions to biggest global challenges in peace and security, human rights, and sustainable development.


Since its inception in 2008, we have continued to strive for excellence by promoting growth and self-development of our fellow delegates as well as establishing strong relationships with several collegiate teams internationally. Having also yielded multiple awards at various international MUN competitions, our participation throughout the years have proved very successful.


As an active member of the Comité Inter-Universitaire des Nations Unies de Paris (CINUP), we also look forward to building on our successes of the past and further improve our prominence in the MUN communities both at national and international levels.


On top of bringing you closer to the world of diplomacy and foreign affairs, we hope that our unparalleled experience will provide you with a broader perspective, help you become more confident and self-aware individuals. We very much look forward to meeting you all !


Diplomatically yours,


The Board – ASSAS MUN

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