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The Conferences project answers three goals :


- WIDEN ONE'S KNOWLEDGE : Offering an expert eye on ongoing crisis and long-running problematics in various fields. The Conference is an opportunity to turn to new fields regarding international affairs. 



In the context of MUN preparation, a delegate must develop his knowledge on a specific subject. Finding a conference related to his topic can greatly complete his approach toward his position. 


The MUN Society wish to offer a various approach to a specific problematic duely selected. Throughout the eyes of diverse actors related to the Conference Cycle topic, the participants will enhance their understanding of the problematic. 


The Conferences Schedule is a shared project :

Anyone wishing to add an upcoming event to the Conferences Schedule is welcome to adress the Secretariat (by mail, 


Please send the following Conference-related details : The Conference Subject, Its Date, Its Location, Its Price. 

Could not join the last Conference ? Catch up here !

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