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The President's


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Fellow delegates, distinguished visitors, 


Welcome to our website, and hopefully, our society !


Power can be defined as a set of 4 capacities: capacity to do; capacity to make do; capacity to prevent do; capacity to refuse to do, according to the conception of French jurist Serge Sur.


At Assas MUN, we believe that power can also be defined as the ability to listen, to take initiative and to reach out to others. This is what we encourage our members to do, at our weekly sessions or when we send them to MUNs abroad, such as Madrid, London or New York. We believe that being open to the world is an individual's most precious strength. It's what binds us together, what enables us to understand others, what makes us grow and learn.


If you are here on this website, we think it's because you believe in hope. Hope for more egalitarian societies, hope in our ability to fight global warming, hope for peace. We share this hope, and look forward to meeting you at Assas MUN or at a MUN around the world.


Diplomatically yours,


Pablo Bertoletti

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