No coincidences you are reading these lines. You are willing to make your voice count and make you first step in the MUN world. Congratulations for this great decision ! 


  Applying to the Assas MUN Society is a giant leap in a world of passionnate individuals, of challenges and of life changing encounters. 

  Hesitate no more ! Join the Assas MUN Society and commit yourself to the United Nations values : Integrity, Professionalism, Multiculturalism. 

     Diplomatically Yours, 

     The Secretariat 

PS : We promess no oath swearing in front of the grand Amphi is required to become a member. 

How to join the Assas MUN Society ?

Once the 3 stages below are completed, you will be considered a member of the Assas MUN Society. 

STAGE 1 - COMPLETE the application form below : 

STAGE 2 - SEND your Curriculum Vitae (in english or in french) as soon as possible. This document is a tool designed by the Secretariat to get to know you better. It does not consist in a selection instrument. 
PLEASE NOTE you have until the 5th of november 2020 to submit your C.V by email at 

STAGE 3 - PAY BY CASH/CHECK/BANK TRANSFER the € 20.00 EUR membership fee upon your first official meeting with the Secretariat the week of oct. 19th 2020.