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Year of Creation
Secretariat Members
First MUN in History

The Assas MUN Society, heir to the Association de Négociations Internationales de Paris II, was founded in 2008. It is the most diverse association in Assas University with members coming from all over Europe.   


The Society's main purpose is to take part into world class Universities Model United Nations (MUN). These simulations are whether based on a fictional plot or a real one. For the participant (the delegate), it consists in representing a country, an institution or a person position in the face of a determined problematic. The main aim of the simulation, that usually lasts for several days, is to find a solution to this problem by partnering with other delegates. The difficulty is to manage the search of a viable solution, the attempt of other delegates to promote their ideas but also the rules of parliamentary debate. The Assas MUN Society delegates managed to shine in such conferences several times in the recent years by receiving distinctions rewarding their hard work.


In 2017, the new Secretariat has decided to widen the Association activity spectrum by offering its members the possibility to attend conferences. These meetings aim to strengthen the delegate knowledge concerning topical matters. Moreover, the Association encourages its members to participate into MINI-MUN, which are Parisian one day MUN offering great, in context,  trainings with other Parisian MUN associations.


Reglement Intérieur 

Coming up soon...

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